Tips for Writing a Research Paper Introduction

Doubtless, the introduction is one of the essential parts of any academic paper. It should deliver a thesis statement and engage a reader to keep on reading an essay. If you don't know how to write an introduction to a research paper correctly, this post is for you!

What is a Research Paper?

To discover how to create a stunning introduction, we need to define what a research paper is. Mainly, it is a popular type of academic writing among students. It requires a student to do independent research on a particular topic and create an essay to present his or her findings.

Tip for Writing an Introduction

If you don't know how to create a top-notch introduction for a research paper, don't be shy to use some recommendations below. Each of these tips is a piece of advice from expert paper writers.

Introduce your Topic

Always announce a topic into the paper introduction. A reader should understand what you research and discover the aims of your paper from the beginning. Start from a general theme and then narrow it to the problem that you review.

Provide Background Information

If you're researching a specific topic, always provide background information. Therefore, readers will be able to take a deep dive and understand your research paper in more detail. You have to make it accessible for everyone, not for a particular group of people only.

Engage Readers

It is crucial to engage readers from the first sentences. To drive them reading your essay, feel free to use essay hooks. For instance, you can share some statistics, quote a famous person, or ask a question to grab a reader's attention.
If you don't know how to create an engaging hook for your research paper introduction, feel free to order some help with writing papers online.

Tell About your Plans

Do not hesitate to tell readers about your plans and what you're going to review in your research paper. Inform a reader about how you're going to research an issue and what you want to achieve.

State the Importance

A reader should always understand the purpose of your research paper. Use the introduction to tell a reader the aim of your research and why it matters. Feel free to explain how a reviewed problem affects the modern world and why a solution can benefit the world or a particular niche. In case you're short in time and cannot complete your college paper on time, do not hesitate to order essay online.

Keep It Short

The introduction should take nearly 10% of your essay length. For instance, if a paper's word count is 1000, the intro should only take 100 words. Therefore, use simple and short sentences in the introduction. Otherwise, you will exceed the maximum word count for a research paper introduction.

Extra Tip

Sometimes it may be hard to create a top-notch research paper due to a lack of ideas or free time. Fortunately, a lot of online essay writing services help students get high grades for their college assignments. Don't be afraid to use online college homework help services if you experience any problems writing a college paper.